Monday, December 26, 2016

A Little Pollyanna in Me

Here it is the day after Christmas and I am thinking, good it is over.  I can be glad in that.  I am not fond of Christmas any more.  I have many happy memories of past years but time has changed many things associated with those happy memories so I no longer like the season.  I won't get into all of that.  I know I am not alone with my feelings about the season.   But today I woke up and had happy thoughts that it is over, I am glad, and I don't have to deal with it all for another year.

That made me think of many times that I was accused of being a "Pollyanna".  For those of you too young to remember that Disney movie staring Haley Mills, a theme in the movie was the 'glad game' finding things to be glad about in a difficult situation.  Also the movie ended up with a phrase that she was looking for the good in people and found it.  When people at work would accuse me of that attitude, I would tell them "OK, I can think of lots worse things to be accused of.".  Much of that attitude in me has hardened over the years.  Being a Pollyanna resulted in quite a few times where I really ended up with a 'knife in my back' due to what I was told was na├»ve attitude about people.  Ok, I'll take it.  I have learned to be more cautious and that is sad in a way but it was a life lesson I guess I needed to learn.

I spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day binging on Downton Abby.  It isn't a Pollyanna series, there is a lot of sorrow in it.  But they seem to come thru and get on with life in high fashion and the series always makes me smile in the end, maybe thru a few tears.  And then there is the jewelry to look at!  What more can you ask for.  So I beaded and watched.  What better could I do (besides, shudder, clean) than watch that program and hide in my bead holes.  It was quite nice in Florida, so I was on my porch with my cats enjoying squirrels running around on the deck.  It was good.

I still have a bit of Pollyanna in me and I'm GLAD of her in me.  I like to look at things and find something to be glad about.  That has not been easy in this election year.  It seems the world is so filled with hate, prejudice, and so many other negative emotions.  I don't expect it to improve either. 

So I look forward to a year of beading with friends, teaching my passion for beading, sharing with others who love to bead.  I am quite glad I can bead and share that passion.  Yes, I hide from the world of negatives.  I prefer my beading to the reality of our world full of so much poison.  I will bead to be.  Pass me my rose colored glasses.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shows in 2017

December brings browsing for the big bead shows in 2017.  I'm very excited to be going back to Santa Fe, NM in March to teach at BeadFest.  I love it out West.  That is no secret to anyone who really knows me.  I am equally excited with my classes for Bead and Button in Milwaukee, WI in June. 

The Santa Fe show is open for browsing now and you will be able to register December 15.  Dreaming about early spring time is fun when it is cold!  My friend Pamela Garbig will be going along with me and she is teaching in Albuquerque March 26.  I will not have an artisan table in Santa Fe.
I'm teaching 3 classes in Santa Fe.  Hippie Girl, a favorite of mine because it is funky.  I've always loved funky.  Hippie Girl is being taught in Santa Fe only at this point.  Obsessed is a wide cuff with a variety of beads.  Studs and Diamonds is a show stopper.

In Milwaukee, I'm adding Top This Cuff, Button Jewel, Caterpillar on a Tile Road and Going to the Ball along with Studs and Diamonds and Obsessed.  Top This is exclusive to Bead and Button as I have a limited quantity of the material used and some parts are no longer available.  Browsing for Bead and Button should be open any day now and for people who attended in the past, the catalog mailed about December 1.  Registration for Bead and Button is January 3rd CST.

In addition to teaching at these two big national shows, I am teaching two of these bracelets at Bead Week in Tampa, FL in March.  Other national instructors will be attending Bead Week as well.  I am teaching Going to the Ball, Caterpillar on a Tile Road, and A Moment in Time during this event.  See for details.  Registration for this event will officially start January 2nd.  March is a great time to visit Florida.
I am applying to teach for Bead Fest in Philly in August and hope that will happen.  That application process has begun but any selection will happen about February.  I do expect to have an artisan table in Philly. 

I love teaching at retreats and bead shops and want to discuss any options with you! 

Ok, now back to your regular programming.