Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Healing Pool

When I started to look for a new house, I could not decide about a pool.  I could see good and bad aspects of my own pool.  So I ignored the issue figuring if it was supposed to happen it would.  Well it did.  At first it was too cold for me.  Then I was so busy with house repairs, Bead and Button show preparations, and the pending book release, that I didn't do any more than look at the water when it was on each day.

Just before Bead and Button, the book arrived!  I was thrilled with the result.  Now I'm ready for Bead and Button.  And I continued to ignore the pool.  (Yes I know, the wording on the book is a mirror image, that is how I took the picture, standing in front of the mirror.  I could NOT believe how many people asked about that.)

Bead and Button happened, it was quite grand with a formal book signing, selling out all my copies the first day, and having so many people come to me to sign their copy.  It was also a little bitter sweet for me as normally after such things, I would be telling Jack, he would ask about the event and we would share the exciting moment.  I miss our talks and expect I always will.  However, overall, a great Bead and Button year for me.  The book and good friends made it all memorable.

And then finally, with summer, I discovered the pool.

After an hot humid day doing various things out and about, I'm usually hot and sticky.  I often go for an early evening walk just before or after dinner.  Why not try this pool thing that came with the house?  So bathing suit on, rinse off at the pool shower, and walk slowly in.  Kind of nice.  I will have to try this again.

Kitties are quite sure that I'm nuts to get in that big puddle of water.  They love their corner with the tall grass, chasing lizards, and love looking around 'their' yard, but the water is not for them.  This is GiGi near 'her' grass.  And, Peaches staying as far away from water as possible on her march around the enclosure.

So, many more pool dips later, I decide that this pool thing is truly kind of nice.  I have resistance weights, might as well try those.  Also nice.  Just splashing around from side to side or end to end, also, kind of nice.  Drying off in the sun after a dip and having a sip of liquid, also quite nice.

So this summer something unexpected happened, I like this pool thing that came with the house.  It is quite relaxing.  I love sitting outside  listening to the birds, often watching boats on the lake, and enjoying a dip and maybe some light exercise in my very own pool.  Life is good.  The cats still think it is bonkers.