Thursday, February 14, 2019

Demi Round Beads

At first I wasn't sure I was going to like the Demi round beads.  As I've tried them in different types of projects I have decided I really love them.  There are a few specific uses in which, in my opinion, they are really an improvement over other bead options.

They really work well to cup a round bead in a design when making an angle.  With a pearl or druk, when designing a curve, the demi round really aids in the look and function of the design.  I used both the Demi 11 & 8 in this design called Arabella.  Arabella works equally well with Paisley Duo and Zoliduo beads.

On a brick stitch edge for bead embroidery, I have found I like the Demi round size 8 bead.  It works up as with any size 8 seed bead on the edge, faster than with an 11, yet the slim look of the thinner bead is much more attractive to me than the traditional size 8 on the edge.

For a pretty chain, called the Bicycle Chain, I prefer the Demi 8 to the "O" bead often used for this chain.  The smaller size works up easier to get the stitching nice and keep tension tight.  I use the Demi size 8 with a size 15 seed bead replacing the "O" bead and size 11 seed bead.  It really is a sweet chain for this sparkling pendant.

In this spiral necklace design, I wanted a tiny splash of color without taking up much space.  What a perfect place for a Demi size 11 bead.  This piece, called Spiral Dreams, uses the Demi to add just a touch of color in a small space making the design more interesting.  When a size 15 is too small, or in this case, to add contrast without taking up more space, the Demi bead solved a design issue in style.

And from Diane Dennis, I learned that they are great in a herringbone chain.  Yet another perfect and interesting use for the Demi Round.  For this chain, the size 8 demi round was used with a size 11 catch bead.  It would work equally as well with a size 11 demi round and a size 15 catch bead for a more delicate look.
So, give them a try!  You may find that you enjoy using them as well in may places to add a touch of color or for a new look to an old design.