Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bead and Button 2016

Another great year at Bead and Button.  Yes, the show is smaller, and yes, sales are down.  But the energy is still there and for me nothing will replace the experience. 

I taught 4 classes, and for the first time, I had an Artisan table in the showroom.  The table was exhausting but I'm pretty sure I will do it again next year.  My students were fantastic.  They were all prepared, mostly on time, and respectful of other students.
Meet the Teachers Bead and Button 2016
I have often pondered the reasons for the slow down at Bead and Button.  The obvious reason of the economy overall and cost of attending the show is obvious.  However, I believe that over the years, the Bead and Button Show has encouraged such an interest in beading in general, that competition has grown.  This cycle of consumer interest, from going to the Biggest and Best, to local or destination based beading opportunities, has also contributed to the slow down at Bead and Button. 

Beading societies are increasingly sponsoring their own retreats.  These retreats are usually open to other beaders.  The growth of social media has meant that more and more people find out about these retreats and often will attend something local to feed their desire to bead with others and learn.  Other commercial retreats are also available beyond Bead and Button.  They allow the consumer to make a decision based on location or a cruise.  These opportunities result in a destination based choice for a vacation to include beading.  In my opinion, all these options, are a part of the slow down at my personal favorite, Bead and Button.  Choice is a good thing but has come at a cost. 

I hope that Bead and Button will be able to make positive changes for 2017 and beyond to continue the energy that is found at this particular event.  I will be there.


Beading Grandma in St. Louis said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Many of us "die hard" lovers of the show will return. The rising costs will prevent some from attending. I love the Meet the Teachers Reception as it allows me the opportunity to see some of the great work from teachers that I do not have the time (or money) to take a class from. I love the Over the Moon Bracelet that I made from your class on Sunday. Can't wait to see what you come up with for 2017!!

Marcia L. Balonis said...

Thank you for the class compliments. Hope you like one of my pieces for 2017.