Thursday, January 4, 2018

Looking Forward

I have a lot to look forward to in 2018.  I'm so thankful for my many friends and family who have helped me so much the past few months. 

I just ordered a new Fitbit as I've worn the old one out.  I hope to wear this one out too!  It is fun, if I've been sitting too long it nudges me to move.  

I will be travelling a bit more for fun.  The time to do some of the things I've dreamed of doing is now.  I'm very fortunate to be able to do so and to have a good 'beady' friend who also loves to travel that I can be with.  One thing on my list is to return with Beadventures to the Czech Republic this fall.  That is the trip this year I am most excited about.  Beadventures to Czech

My book is pending release this summer.  The projects in the book are the result of 2 years of designs.  The book is available for pre-order now on Amazon.   PreOrder my book on Amazon  It is exciting.  For a year, when Jack and I spoke each morning, he would ask me what I was going to do for the day.  I would say "work on my book".  He would reply, "oh, something different" and chuckle with his deep voice.  I'm happy he saw the cover.

I have 5 classes scheduled at the annual Bead and Button show in June.  I am looking forward to that big event.  There will be a book signing during the show.  I will have a sales table in the show room and a Meet the Teachers table Friday night.  My personal favorite class this year is "A Moment in Time".  The other classes I'm teaching can be found on the Bead and Button show web site.  Bead and Button Show classes.  Registration is Tuesday, January 9th at 12 central time.

I expect to do some travel associated with the book and teach while visiting stores.   As always my teaching schedule will be announced on my web site.  My classes scheduled

I am looking forward to designing new projects and to getting projects published.  I am continuing with Starman as a Trendsetter and have a few ideas in the works.  I look forward to showing you many new projects in the coming year.  I have been quite enamored with the Hubble stitch.  My Pinterest has a whole page dedicated to Hubble.  Pinterest page for Happy Hubble  I love this necklace, which now belongs to a good friend, the Lampwork by Natalie Zhitomyrsky Etsy shop at GLASSFANATA.  Isn't it pretty?  More to come.

Bead Happy!!  I do.  Marcia

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Val Steele said...

Love that necklace, Marcia!!!!! So glad you are going to do some fun travelling! I am so jealous! Hope we get to see you at Beads some time soon! We’ve missed you!